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Please note that all photos are originally from AshleeSource, now known as Ashlee N Simpson. Credit for the pictures completely goes to that website. To view the original version without the Kaci Roman tags, Click Here.


KaciRoman[dot]com is the Official website of singer/songwriter Kaci Roman. It is also the only fansite associated with Kaci Roman. We are in no way associated with Latium  Entertainment nor any other artist signed to Latium Entertainment. Fanmail and hatemail sent to us will be screened before being passed on to Kaci Roman. All graphics are made by us unless otherwise stated; please do not reprint, copy or steal without permission given.

This Just In...From Kaci!!!

06/18/2003 20:06

We just got an email from Kaci with exciting news! We finally have some tour dates to post for Kaci! She said she is working on some promotional stuff for the album, and this tour is part of it. We will post the dates when we get the promotional artwork from Kaci that she is working on. She said we would have it by next week, so check back then to see where Kaci will be touring!