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Guess What!!!

04/30/2003 12:21

I am having a blast here in Los Angeles. I've already worked out the details with the record label, and I begin recording songs for the album in May. I also am going to be going out on tour in May, but don't get your hopes up quite yet. This tour I am going on is as a guest of the group, specifically one member of the group. Don't get your hopes up just yet, it isn't who you think it is! So to the fans that read my blog (yes, I know you read it, which is fine with me, just don't trash talk me because I speak the truth in these things!) no I am not touring with the Backstreet Boys, and as far as I know, they aren't touring any time soon. There are a few certain people who will find out who I am talking about because they will be invited to the show(s).

So, I am out here in Los Angeles for a few more days. I ran into an old friend from Chicago out here, and I am spending the day with him today. Alex isn't at all pleased with me because of this whole situation, but it is not my fault. I am going to an album release party at the Key Club on Saturday, which should be fun. The band is the same that I am going to tour with in May. I am still waiting to see if I get a pass because my friend didn't have any more!

I'm about to leave to go out and explore Los Angeles now, so I better get off this and get out the door before I get left behind! Here's a picture of who I am hanging out with, isn't he such a cutie pie?! =)

PS - If you are in Los Angeles, come out to the Key Club on Saturday and say hi!