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Since: May 7, 2003
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Photos Disclaimer

Please note that all photos are originally from AshleeSource, now known as Ashlee N Simpson. Credit for the pictures completely goes to that website. To view the original version without the Kaci Roman tags, Click Here.


KaciRoman[dot]com is the Official website of singer/songwriter Kaci Roman. It is also the only fansite associated with Kaci Roman. We are in no way associated with Latium  Entertainment nor any other artist signed to Latium Entertainment. Fanmail and hatemail sent to us will be screened before being passed on to Kaci Roman. All graphics are made by us unless otherwise stated; please do not reprint, copy or steal without permission given.

Exclusively from Kaci

Kaci is kind enough to share with her fans certain personal photos of hers. Kaci contributes a lot, personally, to this site, and as respect to her, we ask that you please refrain from removing any of the following personal photos from this website.

Thank you,

A Message from the Webmaster

Some of the photos featured in this section of the website were provided by Kaci at my request. I in no way know Kaci personally, but she is kind enough to contribute to the website for me. I have met her numerous times, some while with A.J., most while she has been with Pete. When I met Kaci while she was on tour, I also met her manager, Jayden. He asked if I was willing to convert my fan site into Kaci's Official website, and I gladly agreed. I still have control over the website, but Jayden is the one who runs this website. He asked that I change the captions to reflect that the website is run by his company and not a fan. I gladly agreed and he said to put a "disclaimer" up. Here is my disclaimer. If you have any questions, you can email Jayden at



The FIRST Exlcusive Photo

The FIRST Exlcusive Photo

Brittany and Jessica first met Kaci at the release party for Fall Out Boy's Take This To Your Grave album in Los Angeles, California in May 2003. When they first met Kaci, they told her that they were making her a website (they knew who she was because of A.J.) and asked her if she could send them a picture of her and Pete for the site. She was kind enough to do so, and they are grateful to her and Pete for doing so.