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KaciRoman[dot]com is the Official website of singer/songwriter Kaci Roman. It is also the only fansite associated with Kaci Roman. We are in no way associated with Latium  Entertainment nor any other artist signed to Latium Entertainment. Fanmail and hatemail sent to us will be screened before being passed on to Kaci Roman. All graphics are made by us unless otherwise stated; please do not reprint, copy or steal without permission given.

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This Just In...From Kaci!!!

06/18/2003 20:06
We just got an email from Kaci with exciting news! We finally have some tour dates to post for Kaci! She said she is working on some promotional stuff for the album, and this tour is part of it. We will post the dates when we get the promotional artwork from Kaci that she is working on. She said we...

Kaci's 21st Birthday!!!

05/18/2003 01:01
We just received from Kaci personal pictures from her 21st birthday party. We are going to be adding them to the MySpace page, so be sure to check that out. They should be up by the end of the week. Don't forget to get a friend request in as well! Oh and don't forget to check out Kaci's...

Update from Kaci

05/08/2003 10:54
We recently heard from Kaci that the Fall Out Boy tour is selling out quickly! We just got word that the Chicago show and the St. Paul show are sold out, along with the Vegas show and the Milwaukee show. Kaci will be at the Chicago show and the Milwaukee show, but not the Vegas or St. Paul show (at...

Kaci's Doing A Photo Shoot Next Week!

05/07/2003 23:38
I just checked my email and saw that there was an email from Kaci in it. Here is what it said in a nutshell: I am going to be doing my FIRST photo shoot in Los Angeles next week. I got the call about it the day before Pete's show at the Key Club for the release of Take This To Your Grave, but I...

Up-and-coming Singer/Songwriter Kaci Roman Cheats on Boyfriend!

05/02/2003 11:47
Jessica Kaci Roman, sister of multi-platinum selling artist J.Roman of Vi3, better known these days as just Kaci Roman, was seen in Los Angeles without her boyfriend A.J. McLean on May 1, 2003. Instead, she was seen walking hand-in-hand into ONE Sunset with former high school sweetheart, Pete Wentz...

OhMyLord! =)

05/02/2003 01:40
I just wanted to give a quick update. Apparently there is this nasty rumor going around Los Angeles about me. I am sad to say that I think that my father is the one behind this whole little stunt. Because of this rumor, I met up with Alex today. Actually, I just got back from seeing him. I had Pete...

Hanging out by the pool catchin' some sun

05/01/2003 13:38
I'm hanging out with Pete still. I'm not at all happy with Alex. I haven't seen him since our fight at the house and in the parking lot of the Dancing With The Stars lot. He didn't go to the show that night, so I haven't seen him or returned his calls. I have to face him on Sunday though because I...

Kaci at Hyde Nightclub - 4.29.03

04/30/2003 12:50
Kaci was at Hyde Nightclub on April 29, 2003 seen entering the club with Dancing With The Stars super-couple Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff, but leaving moments later with Fall Out Boy bassist, Pete Wentz. There was one picture from this spotting. For those that don't know, Maksim and A.J....

Guess What!!!

04/30/2003 12:21
I am having a blast here in Los Angeles. I've already worked out the details with the record label, and I begin recording songs for the album in May. I also am going to be going out on tour in May, but don't get your hopes up quite yet. This tour I am going on is as a guest of the group,...
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